Only twelve astronauts have ever set foot on another world. Find out who those astronauts were, and why they made this incredible journey.
Find out about the solar system - the group of planets that circle around the sun. Read about the Earth and its neighbours here
Find out all about Earth's only satellite, that familiar fixture in our night skies - the Moon
An illustrated timeline of the most important events in the history of space exploration, from the first fruit fly astronauts, up to the planned moon missions of 2020
all you need to know about space suits. Why are some white and some orange? How long does it take to put one on? Find out here!
Learn about the spacecraft NASA used to land men on the moon. Explore the mighty Saturn V moon rocket, the most powerful vehicle ever created!
What do astronauts eat when they are in space? How do they make and eat their meals and drinks when everything floats around in the space craft.
The Shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft, capable of handling many different missions, from exploration to spacestation construction. Explore the craft that was NASA's workhorse for over 30 years.
The first satellite in space was from Russia. The first man and woman in space were both Russian too. Find out about the Russian space programme and its achievements.
Ever wondered what it would take to become an astronaut? What sort of people are suitable for space travel, and what skills do they need?
In the conquest of air and space, there have been many incredible aircraft and spacecraft invented that pushed the boundaries of flight- this page is a guide to a few of the most interesting and important.